Discover our top 5 candles for this winter.
1/ For those who missed a holiday this year…
La Montana’s Alfredo’s café candle
Why we love it: 
It has been a hard year for all of us, especially not being able to get away on holiday to our favourite place in the sun. This amazing scent somehow manages to transport you to a café on a square in Spain (or in fact France, Greece or Italy too!). It's unique scent evokes those memories and feelings of holidaying in the sun. 
What is smells like:
Coffee, brandy, and black tobacco, laced with leather and incense from a church.
Price: £36
Size: 220g
2/ For those who buy a Christmas tree for it's smell...
Luma’s Aspen Christmas Pine candle
Why we love it: 
This Scandi scent reminds me of trip’s I’ve made to Norway and Finland, hiking through a fresh mossy pine forest. Its perfect for this time of year and can enhance the scent of a real Christmas tree or create a scent for fake tree!
What is smells like:
A simple and sophisticated pine fragrance opening with a pine needle top note then leading onto pine woods, while resting on a mossy pine base. A candle designed to create a festive aroma.
Price: £18
Size: 150g
3/ For those who want something totally unique...
Afterglow Candle’s We Grow Cannabis Flower and Musk candle
Why we love it: 
I loved this candle’s intriguing scent of nature and herbs with musky undertones. It has depth that is both fresh and musky. It doesn’t smell like anything I have smelt before but certainly one I would burn again. I also loved the tin jar which is also very unique and a great talking point.
What is smells like:
A herbal blend of cannabis flower and spicy coriander on a base of woods and musk.
Price: £22
Size: 250ml
4/ For those who need a bit of R&R...
Holistic London’s Neroli and Chamomile candle
Why we love it: 
This year has been a stressful in so many ways and has affected us all differently. For me, trying to relax and sleep has been a challenge. The relaxing scents of chamomile had a calming effect which helped me to switch off and get in the mood for a good night’s sleep. I also enjoyed the scent itself - the mix of neroli and chamomile smelt wonderful.
What is smells like:
Designed to help you relax and sleep. It carries a beautiful combination of powerful essential oils with calming properties: a top crisp neroli accord for a fresh kick in, which blends into a smooth chamomile heart to then, melt into a lovely mix of woody base notes.
Price: £20
Size: 180ml
5/ For a twist on a good old favourite...
Farryn Amber’s Wild Fig candle
Why we love it: 
Everyone loves a fig candle, but this version of the popular fig scent is mixed with melon and grapefruit rather than the classic blackcurrant/cassis. I am totally in love with Farryn Amber’s skincare, which in part is due to it's amazing smell, so I knew that this was going to be good and it certainly delivered!
What is smells like:
Fleshy notes of grapefruit, melon and fig play dominant roles to create a fruit forward scent, grounded in earthy musk, spiced vanilla and garden blooms.
Price: £25
Size: 210g


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