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We all know that during the winter time, our skin tends to become dry and dull.
This can be due to multiple things but the cold weather and harsh winds is a huge factor. So we need to take extra care of our skin during the winter months, to protect and rehydrate. In order to get that healthy, glowy skin we all want and deserve all year round.
Read on to hear our top picks for a rehydrating winter skin care routine. We’ve chosen the best of the best ingredients for a minimalistic routine. Sometimes less is more and instead of getting every moisturizing serum you can see, try opting for a handful of products that really work.
Let’s start with a cleanser.
The first step of any skin care routine, what ever time of year it is. It’s important to use a gentle cleanser, to not strip your face of its own natural oils.
Our top pick is the Farryn Amber Cleanser.
With star ingredients such as papaya extract, that is a natural form of AHA. It will help gently buff away the dead skin cells and reveal your inner glow. It has the added benefits of aloe vera juice and glycerin which is amazing ingredients to add moisture back in to your skin.
After you’ve cleansed your skin it is now time for a toner. Adding in a toner to your routine can really help to add that extra bit of hydration your winter skin is craving. Using a toner will re dampen your skin, as serums and moisturisers is better absorbed when applied to wet skin. You will ensure you maximise the results of all your serums. Our top pick is the Organic Pharmacy rose facial spritz. Rose water is known for having naturally hydrating properties. Because it’s a spritz as well, this is a great mid day pick me up. If your feel like your skin gets dry throughout the day simply spritz it on for an instant refreshing lightweight mist.
Next up is my personal favorite part, the serum stage. This is where you target specific concern such as dryness, fine lines and acne to name a few.
Our favourite this season is the Holy Grail Co. 5 in 1 rejuvenating facial serum. It’s formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots, brighten dull skin complexion and hydrate and plum your skin. It also has a stable form of vitamin C, which is a anti oxidant that protect against free radicals and pollutants. This makes it a great serum to use both morning and night. Just reminder to follow up with a SPF during the day.
Time to seal the deal with a moisturiser. Opt for a thick and occlusive moisturiser during winter to really retain all the goodies from your serums and cleansers. That way you’ll be protected all day and night from having hydration escape your face.
The UpCircle Face Moisturiser is the perfect end to your regime. It’s enriched with vitamin E and cocoa butter and aloe vera. Which makes it the perfect last step of your routine to really lock in that moisture. It also has the key ingredient of almond powder. That is a natural way of regulating sebum production. It makes it perfect for acne prone and oily skin.

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