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In the great world of skin care it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, with the endless amounts of products containing ingredients you never seem to pronounce properly. To add skin care tools to this equation it can be a very daunting prospect. However once you understand why, when and how you should use them, it will take your skin care regime to the next level. 
Ever woken up in the morning with bags under your eyes and a face that feels almost swollen. Let’s be honest who here hasn’t?
The good news however is that we’ve got you covered with these two amazing skin care tools. In order to understand how to fix the problems you’re having you need to consider what is causing it.
When we sleep the fluid in your skin goes into rest mode and collects on your face, and can create a puffy appearance on your skin. By using these tools you can help blood circulation, de-puff your face and give your self a relaxing face massage all at the same time. 
The first tool is the “flexi roller” it’s made out of  rose quartz, which is a crystal that keeps cool at all times generating a relaxing sensation upon application. In addition it will also help reduce redness and irritation in the skin. Use the large side of the roller for big areas of the face such as the cheeks, neck and forehead. The smaller roller is used around the eyes, on the nose and chin. Roll over the same area around five times for the best result. This can be used in the AM and PM routine but for different reasons. Use in the morning to de-puff your face and use in the evening for a relaxing massage before bed. 
A pro tip is to use in the evening while having a sheet mask on. You will have a relaxing massage while your skin gets drenched in a hydration mask. This tool can be used daily and should be used at least four times a week for the best results. 
The second tool to use is the “flexi sculptor.”Similarly to the roller it’s used to de-puff and increase blood flow. However the sculptor is a more in depth treatment. Think of the “flexi roller” as being a relaxing Swedish massage and the “flexi sculptor” as a deep tissue massage. This tool has been around for centuries and was first designed in China, originally dubbed Gua Sha. It might lead you to wonder why is this tool called the sculptor? It’s because with regular use around the jaw line and cheekbones it will drain your lymph nodes, and actually create a more chiseled appearance to your face. Instead of rolling it across your face use this in a scraping motion, again working from inside the face out. The sculptor’s use should be limited to once or twice per week in the evening. 
Last but not least is a skin care tool you may have heard of before, the microneedler. This little miracle tool can help with hyper pigmentation, acne scarring, fine lines and cell turn over. Simply put: when you have textured skin due to scarring your body considers that area of skin as dead. Therefore there is minimal cell turnover and your face will not generate new skin in that area. By creating tiny holes, it will send signals to your face saying that your skin is in fact very much alive but needs to heal. After awhile your skin texture will slowly improve. Another added benefit of this is that it helps with absorbing products into your skin. It’s therefore greatly beneficial to use after applying your favourite hydrating serum. So how do you use this tool? Start with the forehead and move down to your cheeks and then your neck. Gently roll it across a small area: firstly in a up and down motion, followed by a side to side movements and finally diagonally. When you’ve done this you can move on to the next area of your face. 
Disclaimer: Since the microneedler consists needles that you are rolling across your face, it’s important to do it safely. Only use this tool once-twice a week in the evening time. Always disinfect and wash with lukewarm water before and after use. Do not dab dry with a towel or tissue, always allow the implement to air dry.  Stay away from delicate areas like around your eyes. Do not use on open wounds or active acne as this can spread bacteria on your face.
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