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Finally a new year, a new beginning and we are leaving 2020 in the rear view mirror. It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of a year, so let’s cleanse away negative energy and start the new year with a fresh attitude and glowy skin.

     We’ve designed an at home spa day to help you detox your body, soul and mind. Here at Ology32 we strongly believe that skin care and self care goes hand in hand, and that everyone deserves to spoil themselves. Unlike the other routines we’ve created this is more focused on relaxation and well being rather then just a skin care routine. These products have been handpicked to create the ultimate home spa day to enjoy all by yourself (if you want a bit of “me” time) or with that special someone. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.


To kickstart this let’s set the mood with a “Holistic London’s Neroli and Chamomile candle”. Designed to help you relax and sleep. It carries a beautiful combination of powerful essential oils with calming properties: a top crisp neroli accord for a fresh kick in, which blends into a smooth chamomile heart which melts into a lovely mix of woody base notes.

The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Cleansing Jelly, will melt away any make up, sunscreen or  pollutants on your skin. This cleanser is packed with antioxidant ingredients such as; Vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid MSM and carrots. It’s also very healing and moisturising with added oils like; jojoba and rose hip oil. Gently massage it on to dry skin, when done simply splash some water in your face and watch the jelly consistency transform in to a milky liquid ready to rinsed off.


To make sure your skin is cleansed thoroughly as a next step use the Farryn Amber Brightening Cleanser. It has the key ingredient of papaya extract which is a natural source of AHA that will gently exfoliate your skin. It also contains prickly pear oil which has the highest level of vitamin E to protect against pollution, free radicals and signs of ageing.


A personal favourite step is of course the face mask. Time to really unwind and relax. The Organic Pharmacy Purifying Seaweed Clay mask is perfect for anyone with excess oil and clogged pores. Kaolin and eucalyptus are two ingredients known for their ability to draw our impurities for yo to skin. It has a hint of a lavender smell which is absolutely to die for, and just adds to the whole ambiance of an at home spa. Simply pat dry your face after cleansing and apply a thick layer of the mask to your face, leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse off.


While you let your mask do it’s thing time to give your body some TLC. The Farryn Amber Luminous Body Oil is perfect for dry lags and arms. It has a luxurious blend of beautifying rose quartz crystals and wildcrafted botanicals, rich in vitamins and antioxidants to hydrate, nourish and protect. With star ingredient of safflower oil that has a high concentration of linoleic acid helps nourish, protect and rebuild your skin. Wild mallow flower is also a great added ingredient beneficial for its hydrating properties.


Follow up with the UpCircle Face Toner Spray. It has hyaluronic acid and glycerin to help plump and hydrate your skin. Another great ingredient is chamomile which is known for its soothing properties. To use this toner spray a bit on a cotton pad, or why not try the Bambu Babe Daily Care Bamboo face pads. The same idea as a normal cotton pad but they’re reusable. They’re great for your skin and for the environment that’s for us is a winning combo.


To seal the deal use a moisturiser while your skin is still slightly damp from your toner. The Farryn Amber Botanical balm is perfect for people with dryer skin. Containing Calendula flower extract that helps with collagen production to promote a more glowy complexion. Another hero ingredient is raspberry seed oil that’s packed with fatty acids to help moisturise and balance your skin.


As an extra cherry on top you can always use a face oil to layer on top of your moisturiser. We suggest the Wildtree Skincare Organic Baobab oil. It’s rich in nutrients and contains vitamins A,C,D,E and F. It also is omega 3,6 and 9 that can actually help to heal minor wounds. What’s great about this products is that it literally only contains one thing: the baobab oil. Which means you can also use it for your hair to help frizzyness and dryness in your hair.

To make this at home spa day even more luxurious don’t just rub in the oil with your hands, gently spread it across your face and use the Flexi London Face Roller to massage the oil in. There’s no better way to end this routine than with a face massage.

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